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For the Guardian of the Three

18 August 1985
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To be honest, I rarely know what to put in these spaces. I read other people's bios sometimes and wonder if there really is enough to fill up the lines in the first place.

Ah shoot me, I think I'm sounding Emo. Better yet, hand me the rifle...

There's not an amazing amount. I'm currently living in Wales (though as soon as I figure out the logistics of living on a catamerange, it'll have a wireless installed and many other things such as clothes). What can I say really? I usually do a pretty good stand up act centered around this sort of crap, but I cannot stand on the internet... and not get electrocuted. Medical history is pretty good, I'm vacinated against most things and I'm alive.

Whatever the hell else you want to know (though this is a wonderful glimmer of hope popping up) you may as well ask. Oh, and I've not used that text messaging thing yet for LJ so that'll be a new step.

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