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For the Guardian of the Three
I love you, Sun, I really do.


Really honestly.

You give me life, vitamins, light, uh... life again. You're really nice and I like you a lot.

But I just wouldn't be British if I didn't complain. And damn, I would complain but I' feel so tired and comfy and warm that I can't.

So yeah, Mr. Sun - you've won this round, but I shall come back and win...some other time. One day you'll stop buring all that hellium/hydrogen/which ever one it is that I'm far to sodded off to go and find out and THEN I'll have won. You'll burn down and life on Eart- Earth   will     st o p        a n d           w e ' l l                 b  e                   n   o                    m   o    r    e    .    .    .


In other news, go on, Liverpool! And come on, AC tomorrow!!! Or there will be a smiting!


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Brid Og Ni Mhaille: Norwegian Wood - in my head... does that even count?

Cake or Death?
Now, for  a short - if somewhat misrepresented - song:

I love you David Tennant,
I really really do.
Perhaps I really shouldn't
Because you're Doctor Who.
I know that you're not really
And I know this just doesn't do
But I love you, David Tennant
I really really do.

And of course, for the lovely lass:

Isn't it awfully nice to have a TARDIS?
Isn't it really great to be a Lord?
Would I like to go through space and time with you?
Of course, you stupid Muppet --  I'm on board.

I probably shouldn't go on, but I could. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the complete range that my poetry skills stretch to and I thank you.

I've been writing about plate tectonic settings, boundaries and rock formations for the past two hours - I deserve a break.

*Sung to the last but one line of doh-ray-meeee*

'Who' a Lord of Time and Space, which will bring you back to E-A-R-Th (or a parallel one at least)

I love you, BBC One - I will pay my TV licence forever if you keep my Saturday nights worth staying in for!!!

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Cake or Death?
At the new house, there is still no Internet. And until I get a job that will pay for it, I doubt there will be... that kinda said that in the first part of that 'sentence' on its own but apparently I felt the need to enforce it ^_^


Science is good. While I've always looked up at the sky - at night this, because clouds don't really scare me - I've always been that little more than healthily scared of what is out there or more worryingly, what isn't. I like clear nights and looking up, but when I actually think about where it all ends or how far it goes, it begins to get a little surreal. 

At the moment, I'm just getting into the space and stars part of the science course, which I thought I would suck at in a very huge way. Turns out I just can't wait to go create a little model of the Solar System and label it and everything. I think this proves that when you learn more about something, you aren't so worried about it. 

And I don't think that that's like saying complacency breeds contempt either - I'm not really getting complacent about what's out there, but my curiosity has been nicked right where it seems to have needed it and now I'm interested.

For example, in the middle of our Galaxy - and it would appear others, too - there is a nuclear bulge (which isn't actually nuclear, it just means the middle as in nucleus). No one knows what is inside this. We can't see it, get to it or measure it - without radio waves, but I haven't got to that part yet ^_^ The nuclear bulge is exerting a tremendous amount of energy and we don't know what it is. Some people think that it could be a black hole and yet we have no way of knowing.

While I don't really want to go off gallivanting to the centre of the Galaxy to say hello to a black hole - as I'm not going to be able to invite it over for dinner any time soon - it's still something that has really really grabbed some part of the curiosity in my reasoning and pulled.

And in fairness, while I'd love to blame all of this on the science module, I'm really going to have to portion some part of the blame on a little blue police box that's sitting beside my TV at the moment.

Right now, Doctor, I wouldn't even have to think once about saying yes. . . I would like to change my phone first though - get a bigger screen and all :)

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Cake or Death?
Hmm... Have I done anything recently worthy of noting down anywhere? Me thinks not, but I suppose I've just been being lazy ^___^


And PlumMammy still now know about house - eek. I'm of the opinion though that he's going to have to tell her as it's not really up to me.

I did do something slightly noteworthy last night in that coming back from the drinking (though not for me this week) night when I saw a black and white cat which I thought was our Plum sitting on the end of the street. Now I know we don't let them out at night as it's a duel carriage way I'm next to so I drove up, he looked up at me in the car and ran off. I put the window down and shouted for him to get home which he looked like he was doing (a very intelligent - or scared - cat is our Plum) and got out when he stopped.

When I noticed it wasn't really our Plum at all and back in the house, our Plum was laying on the sofa, one paw dangling over the edge and smirking...

I know he was.

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Cake or Death?
Went to the estate agents today. 

Said yes. 

Am beginning to sound like Howard Moon of Might Boosh fame, but shant worry as am not that old and ... into jazz.

Anyways, we went to the estate agents today about a house for me and Plum. It's on a rental thing for the moment so that Plum can get money from father but it's a house! A first house! I'm going to move out. I don't know whether I should be so happy sometimes though because I feel a little guilty where my parents are concerned. I think it's going a little too quickly for them, but I am the worst for character judgment so maybe they're okay with it. 

Just they keep trying to convince me to go with something smaller and flat shaped and I don't really want to. I'm happy with this place. Plus I can chuck my darkroom in there too and the kitchen is HUGE. The bedroom is a little small and most of the furnishings are going to be rescued from the lean-to here, but it's just a big excitement. 

And hopefully the road to a proper house which we can buy. That would be nice.

Cleaned my car today - found the fountain pen which I thought I'd lost and a possibly 3 month old prawn cracker. Thing is, it doesn't really look any different and I know that I'm going to go back out there tomorrow and it's going to be in exactly the same state as today - with dirt. I got bored with the alloys so didn't bother too much with them when my brother happily proclaimed that he has something to clean those easily.

Yeah. A power washer. Nah thanks. They're fine and they're only going to get more dirty later on. 

Ooh, and eight more days until OU TMA has to be in....eek.

Know what though? I still kinda want that houseboat - if only I didn't have to buy mooring in Chelsea.

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Cake or Death?
Plum found something in the newspaper the other day. James May is apparently asking readers to write in with car crash stories. This is to no doubt coincide with the new series of Top Gear, but there were a few suggestions as to what I could write in about.

Before I start though, I'd like to point out that I'm not the sort of driver who crashes cars on a regular basis. In fact, I've never had a serious accident, so let's stop that wave of thought there. My brother, on the other hand, is currently trying to reattach both bumpers to his Honda Civic after the tire blew out on the M4 so while someone in my family does crash, it isn't me.

I have two choices of things to write in about and in fairness, I don't think either of them are spectacular ideas, but they were quite funny at the time. 

So, while neither of these is about an actual car crash, neither of them is particularly entertaining unless you were there to witness five adults emerge from a car and lay under it one by one -- no it really isn't a funky initiation ceremony for the car, Mrs. Ooh-are-there-dead-people. And unless you're actually there for the Samurai's last show of resistance against the world in general, it's just slightly funny . . . if you have the same thing happen to you.

That said, perhaps other people's car crashes really aren't the same unless they happen to you . . . On the other hand, I doubt Richard Hammond would end up in last place if he entered his story.


Cake or Death?

We couldn't find Star Wars:A New Hope in the video collection last night.

And by video collection, I really do mean videos not the little waffer DVDs of magic pause and scroll buttons. You know what? I almost forgot that you had to rewind a video at the end. Crikey.

Instead of A New Hope though, we watched The Empire Strikes Back and I'm ashamed to say that it was probably the first time that I'd sat down properly and watched one of the original Star Wars. I knew, from my childhood with my dad who qued up for hours when they were first out, that Star Wars existed but I'd never really watched one. And why after all these years?

Lego Star Wars. That's why. 

For many squeeish fan moments, I sat and pointed and -probably gurgled - turned excitedly to Plum saying, ' that's in the game! That's really in the game. He does that in that part of the game!' And it is, it really is and he really does. The scenery is pretty damn good too. 

So it got me thinking. . . 

1. I now have to go and get the first Lego Star Wars game.
2. I'm so glad you picked Harrison Ford as Han, Mr. Lucas.
3. There should be more Lego games.
4. I should compile a list of Lego games for my own amusement-

+ Lego Harry Potter (A proper version)
+ Lego Lord of the Rings (which I'm sure many many slashers would enjoy because I personally want to see a Lego Legolas and  Aragorn trading leaves with each other.)
+ Lego Romeo and Juliet.

Now I stopped at Lego Romeo and Juliet because I had an idea

Lego Shakespeare!

People of Britain who want Dr. Who to feature in science books for teenagers (and I can't tell you how much worse off I'd be if I'd spent the whole of my science lessons pondering the exact makeup of a sonic screwdriver... and where I wanted the doctor to put it) plonk your kids down in front of the TV with a PS2 and introduce them to the wonders of Lego Shakespeare. If it does for your children what Lego Star Wars did for me, I can guarantee that they'll at least know which one Tybalt is and that he isn't in Henry V.

Well. . . and that he comes best equipped with a Taurus PT92 9mm Parabellum. 

Beats light sabers.

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Cake or Death?
I'm about to watch The Italian Job for the first time and I'm not quite sure what to expect...it's the old one and while I've watched the new one, I'm about to experience its original and older brother in WHS flecky format. 

Still. I like Micheal Caine. The soundtrack isn't too promising yet though.

And dammit man, that's a straight road!
Cake or Death?

Alas, finances don't look too good for this week. I need to put that check into the bank :)

I'm back to writing to-do lists. They're posted about places of the house and right now, it's beginning to look like an amnesiac lives here. I suppose, in very mild doses, I could pass for one but I'm definitely not the star sign that's supposed to be into writing all these listies - I think they're Libras or something? - so it's a little worrying.

Or humorous.

Suppose it really depends on your position.

I know that there should be a list though of things I should make myself should I ever actually manage to cross more than five things off of any one list. Five or more, go out and buy myself a packet of Maltesers.

Thing is, I think I'd have to write that down on a list too.

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Brid Og Ni Mhaille: Ooh. Best put some on.

Cake or Death?

And why won't the damn lasagne defrost?

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