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My workbook (for a god-awful OU course) has this wonderful line:… - For the Guardian of the Three
My workbook (for a god-awful OU course) has this wonderful line:

"Reflect on this exploration into the reasons others may have for attempting life writing, or return to the initial list you made [I didn't...I should probably point this out], as we now consider why you might want to practice this craft."

I don't. I have no interest in reading life writing at this time and I have no interest in writing anything other than my ranting nonsense here. Why am I reading this book? Why am I attempting the exercises? Because it's part of the damn course. I don't want to delve into life writing. I don't have reasons to explore.

Job done.

Still it persists.

I should point out that this module is a compulsory part of the course. There was fiction, poetry and now life writing. I should also point out that I hate the whole damn thing. I'm now just doing it for the pass grade and the credits for the bigger picture.

So this shouldn't bother me too much but it does. I don't know why. I think it's the presumption that because you're reading the book you have to want to do everything in it. Or something like that. The truth is, I haven't written anything original in a long long time. I haven't made the time to do it and I don't see myself creating a TARDIS any time soon. I'm beginning to forget how to do it.

No, honest.

Haha. You know, this really isn't worth the irony. I've just had to reload saved draft after disconnecting and this is all I got.

You've got to laugh. I actually am :)

Yeah yeah. It's never all THAT bad. I got it.

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sev_rickman From: sev_rickman Date: February 26th, 2010 05:23 pm (UTC) (Link)


I haven't written more than about 500 words in years, and that was only because I was on a train and I get some sort of writing zen when I travel on a train.

Good luck with the course, I hope the evil munchkin isn't getting in the way too much.
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5 Deaths So you've got a choice - Cake or Death?