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The Great Destroyer – Not Gundam Wing, I’m Afraid - For the Guardian of the Three
The Great Destroyer – Not Gundam Wing, I’m Afraid
I realised I had two titles for the last few hours and the decision on which to use didn’t rest on what sounded better but on who I wanted to talk about: Babble or me?

Guess which won.

My baby is a Darlek. The Doctor would not be impressed, but I don’t think even he could resist the cuteness of the blue-eyed-monster rampaging around in his baby walker. Everyone else thinks he looks more like a flying saucer, but he reminds me of the old-style Darleks more. Mostly because he can’t get up stairs.

I won’t be surprised if his first word is ‘elevate’.

Followed by the sight of him hovering and slowly ascending the staircase through some invisible force.

While his favourite toys remain my mobile phone (and apparently it has to be mine because he doesn’t bother with the indestructible Tomb Raider one) and my DS, in the walker he now hunts radiator knobs. It doesn’t really matter whether he can actually steal them from the unsuspecting furniture or not; I believe he’s in it for the thrill of the chase.

Now some people may flag up the point that baby walkers aren’t supposed to be good for your child. I too was of this opinion and wouldn’t generally recommend them. However, you don’t have my baby (lucky you). He commando crawls around, finds something that he can kneel and reach up to and proceeds to drag the rest of him upwards. The baby walker is safer for a few minutes. He can’t walk yet, the cot is higher than his head by a bit and he still manages to catch the top of it and peer over the bars. He’s had more falling over accidents laying on the floor; seriously, this can happen.

I will admit that you need more eyes than a spider, but I think that’s a requisite for parenthood anyway. You also have to have the gift of foresight.

Or just be slightly quick – which is how I manage.

Right, I think I’ve done my duty for babblehood for the moment. Onto the next issue.

Yes, that’s right! It’s Saturday February 14th! Valentine’s Da- Six Nations day!

Hmm. I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying. The other half has run away to the pub for the weekend. I kid you not, I don’t expect to see him until Monday. He’s gone away until Sunday night and I’m going up to Scrum V Sunday night. I think I got the better half of the deal, to be honest. I will only have to pay for one night’s worth of alcohol.

While it really does matter who’ll win (I’m writing this as Wales lead 17-8 so I’m still hedging my bets) I won’t blame a bad Valentine’s Day on the rugby or the lack of the other half.

I shall blame it on GT-5.

Or the lack of it.

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