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Reasons wingers shouldn't pretend to be full backs: - For the Guardian of the Three
Reasons wingers shouldn't pretend to be full backs:
Number One:

Because they enjoy it. Seriously. Stand back, catch the ball and gaze in wonder at the wide open field in front of you - it's a dream come true.


Number Two:

Because you now have to cover both wings and full back. I'm not that fit. I can get there, but I'm not going to be able to stop the forward that's running towards me because I'm a) a tiny, tiny winger and b) knackered from running the width and length of the pitch. I can shove them into touch, but it's a long shot.

Number Three:

Because wingers such as myself start thinking in live action Samurai Warriors mode and get really shouty about where they want their troops. This should probably be put with number one, above, as I enjoy it so much.

We lost the game when we shouldn't have, though. One the one hand, many things went against us but on the other hand, perhaps we really did deserve to loose. We got niggled by a whinging team and an appalling ref but we took every inch of the bait. We let everything get to us as a team and it was stupid.

Thing is, I don't think we'll learn too much from it.

But I may be surprised... I have been in the past.

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