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Falling off the floor. - For the Guardian of the Three
Falling off the floor.
Falling off the floor is not as difficult as it sounds.

Neither is it as painless. There was a nice 'pop' and a lot of 'ow'ing. Not a bruise though. Managing to twist your ankle without a bruise (though in fairness, an awful lot of swelling...and swearing) has to account for something more than a few days of not driving.

Which incidentally, I hate. I don't like being in the backs of cars trying to sleep just so that I don't get car sick. I don't like being bored and not being able to do anything because it tends to make me feel ill. I am, in fact, a child when it comes to traveling. I do like doing the driving myself though.

Ooh, and now that I know sprog is a boy (and apparently a football obsessed, very good at kicking one - though he quietens down at half time) I get to name him. While it could be considered mean to name a child Damon just because his surname will be Hill, tell me: if you were about to have a child with the surname Bond, would you be able to resist calling it James?

Nah. Neither would I.
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