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I Love Mini-Sausage Rolls - For the Guardian of the Three
I Love Mini-Sausage Rolls

Things are getting slightly easier. 

Mini-sausage rolls are going a long way towards that. I like puff pastry generally, I think. I don't think that I could survive on it, but it does make food a much nicer prospect. I've eaten more fruit in the past month than I think I ever have or probably will again and as I'm not really in the mood for mayonnaise, ketchup has entered the competition. 

Anyways, away from food...

I know that I am the greatest annoyance for doing this myself, but when asked 'what would you like for Christmas?' why can't people just say? I generally have a vague idea of what books I would like to have and I've always tried to push for that crystal making set (I just like pretty colours. Me=magpie) but why... ah never mind. While lists are generally my specialty, I really do cringe when it comes to Christmas. 

I just want to get something that someone else will enjoy and my imagination suddenly dies or goes into hibernation. 

And I am absolutely NOT buying anyone any bath packs or candle sets.

Funny thing is, we (Plum. I ) went shopping a few days ago with the purest of intents. We thought we'd have a look around and see whether there was anything that caught our eyes.

And ended up buying more things for us than anyone else.

And as GT:HD isn't out anywhere near Christmas this year (and probably not in time for next year either), I now have to re-think what I want to get him. 

I was thinking along the lines of a blow-up doll... can't go wrong, can it?


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