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Crikey - Good news all around, really. - For the Guardian of the Three
Crikey - Good news all around, really.
Well this is good. 

This is great.

I don't know which to begin with first.

1. I CAN sleep on my back while pregnant - Joy.
2. Rose Tyler is back for series 4! - Possibly even more joy
3. My house is getting slightly cleaner - okay news, but Rose is winning so far

Well yeah, good news all round really. Now if only this damn sicky feeling would run away and hide, I would be happier. 

I am liking carrot sticks at the moment (though Tescos and ASDA are valiantly marketing them as 'batons' - yeah cheerlead with those Miss. Bennet). They're good for me but I'm beginning to worry that I might give birth to an orange-carrot-looking baby... or one with excellent eyesight. 

I personally think that I have a white Mr. Hamilton. It doesn't feel so unhappy as soon as the key is in the ignition and it really likes The Killers. 

My God. I've become 'ooohh. Look at the baby' woman.

¿Donde?: Somewhere where there are no carrot sticks
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